90th Anniversary

2016 is our 90th Birthday!

by Graham on December 6, 2015

Although a Scout Troop was started at Wesley Street in March 1916, exactly one hundred years ago this year, it only lasted until June 1917.  A second Troop was formed in June 1918, but lasted for a short time.

It wasn’t until late 1925 that our founder, Harold Vernon (Chief) got together a group of boys and trained them to become Patrol Leaders.  These boys held their first outdoor activity in January 1926. The result of this foresight was that when our Scout Troop was registered with the Boy Scouts’ Association on 22nd March 1926 and opened its doors for general membership, Chief was able to offer four Patrols, each with a trained  patrol leader – R Shuttleworth (Hawk), E Wilson (Peewit), G Taylor (Owl) and G Pinder (Buffalo).  Our Scout Troop was registered in 1926 with number 4871, we continue to be sponsored by the Methodist Church and in 2016 we are celebrating our 90th anniversary!

Watch out for details of our celebrations throughout the year.  We hope that you will get involved and help us to commemorate 90 years of continuous scouting in Hazel Grove in 2016.

Find out more about the history of our Scout Group

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