Bedding Plant Stapling Night

We Need You!


Friday 10th March 2017 7pm Wesley Street

We have over 10,000 bedding plant order forms that need to be stapled before delivery takes place around Hazel Grove in March.  This is our main fundraising event of the year and we need you to help us staple the order forms.  It normally only takes around an hour and refreshments are provided.

Although the Scout Group has a number of staplers, could we please ask that you bring a stapler and some staples to the party!

1stHazel Grove have been selling Bedding Plants for over 31 years direct from our professional grower in Cheshire. Customers can order bedding plants from February each year for delivery in early May.  This is a major fundraising activity for our Scout Group and we sell around 6,200 trays of plants, hanging baskets, troughs and tubs each year.

We are asking all members of the family to come down to Wesley Street on Friday 10th March from 7pm to help staple the forms and launch this year’s Bedding Plant fundraiser for the 30th year!