Disclosures (DBS Checks)

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks

It is a requirement under the rules and safeguarding policy of the Scout Association that all adults attending a Family Camp must receive Scouting DBS clearance. Other DBS clearance checks are not sufficient to meet Scouting guidelines.

People who attended the last family camp in July 2022 following successful DBS clearance with us may not need to re-submit for a Scouting DBS but will still need to complete the Adult Registration Form to allow us to fully check our records.

We require information from the Adult Registration Form to register adults into the Scout Association’s data system. Once we have registered all attendees with the Scout Association we will then be holding some drop in sessions for those people who do require to submit a DBS application. At the drop in session you will need to present the following documents:

  1. 1 of passport, driving license photo card or birth certificate and
  2. b) 2 of current council tax statement, utility bill younger than 3 months (house bill – not mobile phone), current bank statement (can be on a screen).
  3. c) You must also provide your national insurance (NI) number.

We expect to provide drop in sessions to work in with your child’s section night for your convenience. Please make sure you have located your identity documents well in advance and we will let you know when your adult registration has been updated by the Scout Association which will then allow us to complete your DBS application at one of our drop in sessions.

If you have any queries on the DBS process please contact our Lead Volunteer, Janet Lawton, on 07785 790836 or at janet.lawtonno spam@1hgno spam.org

Please complete the DBS Request form by clicking here.

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