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On 18th December 2014 Ruth Sykes was presented with her Queen’s Scout Award from the new Scout County Commissioner Steve Holloway. Ruth has been with 1st Hazel Grove pretty much since the day she was born, being the daughter of …

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District Swimming Gala http://www.1hg.org/district-swimming-gala http://www.1hg.org/district-swimming-gala#comments Fri, 21 Nov 2014 20:59:50 +0000 http://www.1hg.org/?p=1947

Congratulations to everybody that took part in this year’s District Swimming Gala at Grand Central.  The Explorers won their trophy and the Scouts came second.  Well done to all!…

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Remembrance Parade http://www.1hg.org/remembrance-parade http://www.1hg.org/remembrance-parade#comments Wed, 05 Nov 2014 08:40:15 +0000 http://www.1hg.org/?p=1940

The annual Remembrance Parade will take place on Sunday 9th November.

MEET: 10.15am Hazel Grove Railway Station
COLLECT: 11:15am Hazel Grove War Memorial
UNIFORM: Full smart uniform with poppy.

BEAVERS are not expected to attend this event. However, …

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Paris 2015 http://www.1hg.org/going-to-paris-2015 http://www.1hg.org/going-to-paris-2015#comments Wed, 10 Sep 2014 08:34:40 +0000 http://www.1hg.org/?p=1906

The anticipation has been building and we have finally unveiled the amazing news that in 2015 the Scout Troop is going to Paris!  Yes, our summer camp will be held at Jambville International Scout Camp just outside Paris, the capital …

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Torbay 2014 – Photos http://www.1hg.org/torbay-2014-photos http://www.1hg.org/torbay-2014-photos#comments Thu, 14 Aug 2014 14:42:24 +0000 http://www.1hg.org/?p=1897

Photos from the Scouts Camp 2014. We went to Watcombe Scout Camp in Torquay. Highlights of the camp include visiting HMS Portland, visiting the Britannia Royal Navy College in Dartmouth, dry slope ski sports and coasteering.

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Summer Video http://www.1hg.org/scouts-summer-2014 http://www.1hg.org/scouts-summer-2014#comments Thu, 14 Aug 2014 14:03:46 +0000 http://www.1hg.org/?p=1889 http://www.1hg.org/scouts-summer-2014/feed 0 Scout Annual Camp 2014 http://www.1hg.org/scout-camp-2014 http://www.1hg.org/scout-camp-2014#comments Sat, 02 Aug 2014 06:41:26 +0000 http://www.1hg.org/?p=1852

The Scouts and Explorers are back home from camp. Check out the photos.…

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Beaver Sleepover 2014 http://www.1hg.org/beaver-sleepover-2014 http://www.1hg.org/beaver-sleepover-2014#comments Wed, 18 Jun 2014 13:13:49 +0000 http://www.1hg.org/?p=1846

The beavers went to the Childrens Inn in Rowarth for a sleepover. Lots of fun was had by both the beavers and the leaders!

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Open Night 2014 http://www.1hg.org/open-night-2014 http://www.1hg.org/open-night-2014#comments Wed, 18 Jun 2014 12:46:00 +0000 http://www.1hg.org/?p=1834 http://www.1hg.org/open-night-2014/feed 0